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Guangxi Yi Pin Xian Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a Sino-French joint venture, which was founded in 2006 under the powerful alliances between Guangdong Yi Pin Xian Biochemical Science&Technology Co., Ltd of Donta Group and Bio Springer. Our corporation is a biotechnology company which produces yeast extract, the nutritional functional and natural seasonings. The company has obtained ISO9001 quality system and HACCP certification.

The production of our company has been widely applied in various fields, including different kinds of soup bases, seasonings, chicken essence, soy sauce, substrate of flavors, biological medium, meat, fishery product, puffed food, fallow foods£¨quick-frozen food£¨infant food£¨nutritional health products and some other sweeteners(like cakes and chocolates).

As the main shareholder of Guangxi Yi Pin Xian Biotechnology Co., Ltd, Bio Springer plays a leading role in yeast products (yeast extract, peptone-yeast extract, autolyzed yeast and yeast cell wall) throughout the world. Bio Springer was founded in 1872 and merged with Lesaffre Group in 1972. The company owns five production bases around the world: 2 in France, 1 in Brazil, 2 in China and another one is under construction in America (Cedar Rapids ®C Iowa).

In addition to its own leading technology and R&D capabilities, Bio Springer can steadily and continually obtain professional technical supports from Lesaffre Group, its parent company which takes the leading place in producing and selling the yeast active sirtuin all over the world.

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